Missed Scan will Run on Next Startup


Antivirus Scans are important for every system inside a business to make sure that no file or virus are located inside ready to be activate on any minute. Nova Momentum Computers is using Managed Antivirus and while no Antivirus can guarantee a 100% clean computer it can protect from major ones. We perform a quick scan every day after 6:00pm but is always good to run a Deep Scan at least once a week.

The Quick Scan only scan important Windows Folders and areas on the computer that are more vulnerable to virus attacks but once in a while a virus get located outside this areas and this is why a Deep Scan or Full Scan is required.

We try to run a Deep Scan every Monday at 6:00pm but some computers are either off or in Sleep Mode and the Deep Scan is getting missed. Starting next Monday February 13 we will activate “Missed Scan will Run on Next Startup” meaning that if your computer is OFF on Monday or in Sleep Mode the next time you power up the computer the Deep Scan will launch.

This can take an impact on the computer performance since is a full scan and this is why we run it on Monday’s pass 6:00pm. If you don’t want to be affected by this full scan the next day during working hours make sure your computer or laptop is on Monday’s.

If you have any question please email support@novamomentum.net

Emmanuel Reyes
Nova Momentum Computers, Inc