Be careful with Holiday Emails

Holidays and Trick Emails are Coming

Since the Holiday Season begin we started to get bombarded by all kind of email from the IRS to Customs to Carriers. Please let your Staff know to pay detail attention by the type of email they are receiving, even if the company is expecting a package make them aware of the following:

  • No carrier is going to send you an email of your package unless requested
  • The IRS will not send you an individual email to pay your taxes
  • No Government agency will ever send you an individual email, even if it says it was safely scanned and secured
  • Do Not open any Zip file (normally a yellow folder)  or any Word Attached file

Please let your staff know about these emails, let’s keep your network as safe as possible. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Note: While we were writing this post we just received an email Title “Jewel Aitkin” with a Word Document attached and the body that says

“Dear Customer

We are sending your payslip for the month of Dec 2016…”

Send this email to all your staff or have them all sign up to our News Letter to stay informed.