2021 Service Changes

Nova Momentum Computers, Inc has been providing computer services for over 15 years now. In 15 years technology has changed a lot and so do we, by providing enterprise services to small business like yours. Is not an easy task to monitor and service hundreds of devices but is an important job to do, we need to make sure your business succeeds by keeping your network working properly, that is why we take this job seriously.

Every year we get new challenges, Hurricanes, Floods, Pandemic, Viruses, Junk emails, etc; and we understand how important is our job and our services to your business, keeping you protected and secured from any type of unforeseen disaster. One of the main areas we had the chance to studied during these pandemic was the cost of support service versus the cost of managed services, these two are always together. We use a series of rented tools to monitor, protect, secure and have immediate access to your network to resolve any problem and avoid downtime, but like any other business our experience and years in the business does has a value. We also noticed that small businesses like a bit of independence, if they can do their job on their own, they will do so, sometimes help is needed over the phone and is difficult to keep track of passwords, licenses, and all the separate billing that involves keeping a business running.

We want to simplify all that. How?

We are creating a separate branch inside Nova Momentum Computers called Nova Manage Services Provider or NovaMSP for short. This branch will be dedicated to the customers and to direct tools that you will need like:

  • Opening Tickets, View and Manage Tickets
  • Knowledge base for common questions and solutions (Do It Yourself)
  • Access to the AntiSpam Dashboard
  • Access to Microsoft 365 (for those with subscription)
  • Access to PassPortal
  • and others

What will change in the services?

Our IT Support Service will improve, better monitoring and better communication and best of all, simplicity. We had divided our services in three main programs:

  1. Selective Services
  2. Proactive Services
  3. Managed Services

What is the difference between Selective, Proactive and Managed Services?

Selective Services – This is for businesses that will want to select from different protection tools but have control of the Remote and Local Support provided. The customer will have the opportunity to select from different services like Antivirus Protection, AntiSpam Protection, Web Protection based on the amount of devices they want to protect but without the monitoring part. This is considered a Break Fix method, when our services are needed the customer can place a support ticket.

Proactive Services – Like the word describe, we are monitoring your network and fix any problem remotely. Under this program we are removing the price per device and price our services based on the amount of users. By doing this the business will save in expenses when there are multiple users in the business that have a Desktop and a Laptop, this is now considered as only 1 (one) Unit. The Proactive Service is customized per business and it will include a protection for all the devices supported by Nova Momentum Computers and Unlimited Remote Support under a 6 months Service Level Agreement.

Managed Services – The most powerful and best protection we can offer to our customers. we offer the same as the Proactive Services, but take control of your entire network, we get in any decision that involves the network, including Policies, Strategic, Planning, Security, Capital Expenditure, Vendor Liason, and more. In addition to Unlimited Remote Support we will provide Limited OnSite Support. In other words “Let’s take care of your network, so you can take care of your business.”

Will my Invoices go Up in Price?

No, Yes, Maybe, it depends. Our Proactive Service is a bit similar to what most of our customers have right now but it includes Unlimited Remote Support, what will make the different is the amount of users compared to the amount of devices. While we transition into the new programs, some invoices will come down in price, this is because some adjustments we are doing when it comes to software licenses. But before we touch anything we will schedule a meeting to discuss the benefits of these combined services.

When will this change take place?

There will be a slowly transition, you will see some new icons on the workstations and few new features that will help you open tickets, new way of filtering emails, new dashboard and more. But the fully transition we hope take place by January 2021.

Can we keep the way we are doing business right now?

Yes you can, although after researching every customer, at the end of the year your business will be spending more under the old program. That is why we will schedule a meeting with the decision maker to provide a full view of our business relationship and why our new programs is the right decision.


We will work with one customer at a time, please don’t be alarm if you see new icons like Advanced Management or our new Antivirus Nova BitDefender on your system. That is part of the transition so please let your staff know.



Emmanuel Reyes
Nova Momentum Computers, inc and Nova MSP