Nova Momentum News Blog

Nova Momentum News Blog

You are receiving this notification because Nova Momentum added your email to our email subscriber list. Is very important that you don’t unsubscribe since this will be main resource that we will use to communicate with our customers when it comes to Important or Critical issues that may affect your business. Since this will be hosted on our website for future reference you can always go back to our website and read the latest news.

In the event that you are experiencing problems with emails you can always visit our site and look at the latest news to see if is related to your problem. We will also use this method to inform our customers about new viruses attacks, changes in the computer business, new services, change of services and more.

It will be good that you also share this notification to your staff, have them sign up to our blog, everyone in the company will be aware of what is going on. Is free and we won’t be sending blast emails every day but only when is necessary.

Our news status will be divided in three main topics NEWS (like this one) IMPORTANT and CRITICAL. Please let your staff know about the importance of these messages to protect your network from any radical changes.

Thank you for your trust

Emmanuel Reyes
Nova Momentum Computers, Inc