IT Support

We Monitor and Manage your network 24x7 and provide Proactive solutions to keep your business running without major problems. Small to Medium Businesses is our expertise.

Advanced Server Management

Our Support and Management Services is one of the best in Central Florida, this is because we care about your business. We work with powerful tools and monitoring software that allow us to watch over your network while you work.

We monitor your network 24x7 and we even call you when we see your network goes down, this is proof that we are doing our job and monitoring your network the way it should. As part of our services we also manage, monitor, protect and keep your systems up to date.

Under our IT Support we provide the following services:

  • Advanced Server and Monitoring
  • Advanced Desktop and Monitoring
  • Advanced Network Device Management

Under the Advanced Server Management we provide the following services:

Management and Monitoring - We monitor your server(s) 24x7 for any errors, hardware failure, backups, intrusion, power failures and more. As long as the server is up and running and we have access, the moment we get notified by one of our tools, we open a ticket for you, letting you know what is going on and then jump into the server to fix it. After we are done we close the ticket and report back to you what happened and what we did for your business records. In the event that we cannot fix the server or access the server remotely we immediately perform a service call to confirm that is not an Internet interruption since our monitoring agents depend on internet access to notify us. If the internet is not a problem we proceed to dispatch a technician right way since we understand that your business is down.

Schedule Preventive Maintenance - Everything needs tune up an maintenance once in a while, this in particular to servers that normally are powered 24x7. We schedule a set of services from Windows Updates, to Security Scans, Hardware Health, and immediately apply the necessary methods to keep the server up and running. In the event of a restart or any interruption to the server, we schedule a restart during the weekend or schedule with the customer to avoid interruptions.

Key Application Maintenance  - There is always this particular software or application that is the core of the business, Financing, Databases, Dispatching, etc. While we cannot provide direct support to these 3rd party applications we do interact with your vendor and make sure that the software is in operating order and up to date to the latest securities.

Device Optimization -