Backup Cloud Services

Service Plans Retention Level 0 to 250GB 251GB to 1TB
Cloud Basic

Secure your critical business backup offsite with a full system restore option via a Bare Metal Recovery drive containing a full image of your server.

3 Daily Recovery Points $62.50 $120.00
Cloud Plus

Everything in the Cloud Basic plus immediate file and folder recovery (downloaded from the cloud).

3 Daily Recovery Points $75.00 $150.00
Cloud Premium

Everything in the Cloud Plus as well as instant virtualization of your systems and data in the cloud. (multi-server and network failover is possible, meaning it temporarily takes the place of your offices during a disaster)

3 Daily Recovery Points $100.00 $250.00
Additional GB

If you need more Gigabytes after 1 Terabyte of data you can and we won't stop your backups.

3 Daily Recovery Points $0.50 $0.40

TIP: In order to utilize the Cloud Premium and and connect to the virtual server on the cloud, we recommend to obtain a static IP so all the computers can communicate with the cloud server without any problem.