Use the Nova System Tray

The Nova System Tray is the best tool you have to communicate with us and make sure that your request is handled in the order received. While normally we do reply to emails and text is better to use the Nova System Tray every time possible because it give us more information about your system. Here is how to use it.

When you click on the Support Icon you are presented with different options

1. Contact Us: It shows our Phone Number
2. Visit Our Website: When you click on this option you get transferred to our website
3. Open Ticket Via Web: You can open a support ticket via our website. For more information about creating a ticket Open Ticket via Website
4. Submit a Ticket via Email: When you click this option your Outlook will open with the basic information that we need, your username and your computer name which is very important for us to know on which computer we are going to be working. Always try to send a ticket via email from the computer that needs service, if this is not possible then make sure you mention the computer name on the email. But we recommend to Open the Ticket via Website.
5. Email a Screenshot: This option will also open your Outlook but with a screenshot of anything you have open on your computer. This is very helpful if you want to show us any error message you are getting on your system.
6. Answer to Common Questions: When you click on this option it will take you to our Knowledgebase.
7. Exit the Tray Icon: We don’t recommend clicking this option.

Note: If you don’t see the Nova System Icon please follow these steps first Enable the Nova System Tray Icon