Open a new work order via Website

If you are a Nova Momentum Computer customer you will have access to open and check the status of your tickets opened for support. Including the ones opened by our staff. Just follow this steps in order to open or check a Work Order.


In this screen you have to type your Customer Code and Password.

Customer Code: Company Phone Number

Password: needsupport (in small letters)



In this screen the information will be already pre-filled with the main contact person in the company.

  • Company Name: Do Not Change this Field
  • Contact: Delete the pre-filled information and enter your name
  • Phone: Type the phone number where you can be reached
  • E-mail: Delete the pre-filled information and enter your email
  • Description: Enter a detailed description of the problem including errors or examples. If you need to submit a screenshot please use the Nova Tray Icon from your computer TaskBar.
  • Priority: Change the priority of the ticket based on the level of problem. Be prudent when you change this, not every problem requires an immediate attention.
  • Normal: This is the default priority for every ticket
  • Urgent: This mean that you cannot operate and there is no other computer, printer or device you can use to continue your work.
  • Low: This mean jobs that can be schedule for a later day or week, something that will require re-search and will take more time to address.

Click Submit the Work Order. You will receive an email notification that your order has been created with the description given and an attachment. This attachment gives you an estimated window of when the technician will arrive. Please allow the technician a window of at least one hour, based on traffic and weather conditions that we cannot control.



After you submit your ticket you can also check the list of other Work Order opened by clicking in the Work Order List on the top. If you want to check the details of the work order, click on the number and this will opened a more detailed window.