Enable the Nova System Tray Icon

The Nova System Tray Icon is an icon that allow you to communicate with us and request service support via email or website. When you first start the computer with a new profile most of the time this icon is hidden by default and you need to bring it accessible for you.

The Nova System Icon look like this

Here is how you enable the icon:

  1. After you login on your computer look at the bottom right of your Tray Bar (where the clock and the mini icons are located).

2. Click on the tiny arrow that is pointing up and few more icons will show up including the Customize… option. Click on Customize…

3. After you click Customize, you are presented with another window where you can select what icons you want to see in the taskbar every time. We are going to select the SysTray.exe, click on the Drop-down option that says “Only show notifications” and select  “Show icon and notifications” for this particular icon, then Click OK.