Outlook Crashing

It seems that a recent Microsoft Office Update released yesterday Tuesday July 14, 2020 is causing some outlook to either Crash when opening or just close as soon as you open it. This is a Microsoft issue and no solution has been provided by Microsoft yet. If you are experiencing this problem please contact us in order to apply the work around to this problem.

Nova Monitoring Reports

Dear Customer,

After updating to the new monitoring system we will re-establish the Monitoring Report. These reports are sent Weekly and Monthly to give you a glance on how your network is doing and what we are doing to maintain your network running. One of our goals this year is to give you a more transparent information of our services, what we do and what services are you paying. Please look at the following images and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.

Weekly Reports are sent every Monday at 8:00 AM


Monthly Reports are sent the last day of the Month at 11:00 PM.

How to Open a Support Ticket

While we understand that every single computer situation is an emergency for the customer, we have to admit that sometimes you can find a work around and another solution. This is why we have a ticketing system, not only to keep track of the work we do but also for you to keep track of the work we are doing. Is very important you that share with your staff these links when they request Support or Service.

We will only reply or follow support via text to Managers or Company owners when there is an emergency.

The rest of the staff we recommend to open a ticket via our Website or email a support ticket via our Nova System Tray Icon.

Open a Work Order Via Website

Use the Nova System Tray Icon

Out of the State

Dear Customer,

I hope you all had a great weekend and a good 4th of July with Family and Friends. I will like to let you know that I will be out of the states from Thursday July 13 to Monday July 17. Like always I will be available via phone conversation, emails and remote access but in case you need an IT at your location I will be sending Paul or any of his teammates.

If you have any questions please let me know.

Nova Momentum News Blog

Nova Momentum News Blog

You are receiving this notification because Nova Momentum added your email to our email subscriber list. Is very important that you don’t unsubscribe since this will be main resource that we will use to communicate with our customers when it comes to Important or Critical issues that may affect your business. Since this will be hosted on our website for future reference you can always go back to our website and read the latest news.

In the event that you are experiencing problems with emails you can always visit our site and look at the latest news to see if is related to your problem. We will also use this method to inform our customers about new viruses attacks, changes in the computer business, new services, change of services and more.

It will be good that you also share this notification to your staff, have them sign up to our blog, everyone in the company will be aware of what is going on. Is free and we won’t be sending blast emails every day but only when is necessary.

Our news status will be divided in three main topics NEWS (like this one) IMPORTANT and CRITICAL. Please let your staff know about the importance of these messages to protect your network from any radical changes.

Thank you for your trust

Emmanuel Reyes
Nova Momentum Computers, Inc